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3/13/15 I passed comprehensive exams!!!!

After months of studying, practicing, and writing, I finally passed comprehensive exams. For those who don’t know about comps, at Georgia Tech we are required to write a 35-page proposal, followed ab an eight hour written exam and a three hour oral exam. If you pass, you become a PhD candidate and are permitted to continue on with your research at Tech. If you fail, you are asked to enter an accelerated Master’s program and leave the school.

Well, I passed, so onward and upward!!!

7/22/14 – Neptunian Eruption Simulation Tank (NEST) design and construction

Here are pictures from the design and construction process for my laboratory experiments designed to simulate underwater explosive eruptions (AKA Neptunian eruptions). Still in progress…

NEST Mixing Apparatus Neptunian eruption simulation tank (NEST) - Stage 1


4/14 – GT Field methods: Volcanic Terrains – Greece Trip

The Dufek Physical Volcanology research group in Greece at Kos, Yali, Nisyros, and Santorini.

3/13 – University of Texas UHRP Philippines Trip

Taal Volcano and Mount Pinatubo pictures. More details to come later

11/12 – Santa Maria/Santiaguito, Guatemala Expedition

These are photos from the trip where I saw my first active volcano, the Santiaguito Dome Complex at Santa Maria, Guatemala with Ben Andrews from the Smithsonian Institute.

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