The research I am currently involved with include:

(1) Physical experimentation and numerical modeling of explosive subaqueous eruption dynamics and application to modern and historical eruptions 

(2) Linking pumice saturation and transport in subaqueous explosive eruptions

(3) Determination of cooling rates from the Kos Plateau Tuff using quartz-hosted melt inclusions, a water speciation geospeedometer, and a multilayer heat transport model (with Mary Benage at Georgia Tech)

(4) Numerical modeling and large-scale experimentation of volcano-generated tsunamis

(5) Quantifying the oceanographic perturbation resulting from subaqueous explosive volcanic eruptions

(6) Abrasion and rounding of pumice in subaqueous density currents

Completed projects:

(1) Rates of Li diffusion in garnet: Coupled transport of Li and Y+REEs (with Bill Carlson at University of Texas, Eric Kelly at University of Texas)